SE 2 EP 8 - A Narcissist is hardwired to destroy, but why?

This first episode of 2022, I wanted to say Thank You for your continued support and those who listen. I continue to read e-mails connect with many across the U.S and other countries and it's humbling to be able to share this experience with you.

This episode highlights why Narcissist is hardwired to destroy.

Narcissistic men and woman alike have a need to feel validated and want others to see them as superior, having the upper hand at all cost and have no mercy when it comes to protecting their own true identities.They seek competition in everything, in their personal and professional life and they just want to win. They want to use you as a supply as you continue to fulfill their goals and needs in the friendship and relationship and they make you feel like they’re the only person who wants whats best for you. If you are in a relationship/friendship with someone, you’ve seen the red flags your gut is trying to tell you the truth, as our minds have way of playing tricks on us— we try to overlook and avoid and think that people can change. Again, this way of thinking is why you are in these relationship and friendships. Don’t get my wrong, there are a small about of people in the world who truly love, show empathy, compassion and care for others—but you always seem to find yourself attracted the broken/toxic ones. You have a moral code, and it’s not about winning, I challenge you to take notice, take notes and really pay attention to what’s happening. As we continue to progress forward, don’t ignore these signals— you’re intuition is probably right.

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