Investor Li Jin on the Passion Economy and how the creator industry is evolving

Li Jin is an investor who focuses on the Passion Economy, a term that she coined herself that means this new economy where individuals monetize their skills. Li has been interested in and an active participant in the Passion Economy for years now. She embraced early blogging platforms and has recently launched a podcast of her own.With a degree in statistics from Harvard and work experience in strategy at Capital One and product management at Shopkick, Li had a well-rounded background that took her to Andreessen Horowitz where she invested in early stage consumer tech companies and developed her thesis around the Passion Economy. She recently left to start her own firm (Atelier Ventures) where she could focus exclusively on early stage founders in the Passion Economy.Li has an incredible perspective on the industry and a very different vantage point than most of the people we have on this podcast. She is able to look at the industry from a ten thousand foot view and share learnings that she has gleaned from her work with entrepreneurs across all verticals. Bottom line, Li dispenses incredible advice and this is a must-listen episode for anyone in or interested in the Passion Economy. (That means you creators).For more on Li:Subscriber to her newsletter ( more about about Atelier VenturesFollow her on Twitter ( more about

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