Elizabeth Holmes (@eholmes) on going from writing at the WSJ to publishing on IG stories (and her book!)

Elizabeth Holmes (@eholmes) is a journalist who has created an incredible instagram stories series called So Many Thoughts (SMT), focused on British Royal Style. In a few short years, Elizabeth went from writing features for the Wall Street Journal to putting her thoughts on IG story slides. And what started as an instagram phenomenon has led to in-real-life events and, finally, a book that is shipping in November (but you can buy it now).In this episode, Elizabeth shares her journey as a journalist, how she came to land her book deal and what the process has been like. She did not go looking to become an influencer, but she has created an incredible franchise that lovers of the royals cannot live without. She shares the ups and downs of the process and how she has dealt with all twists and turns.Elizabeth gives a masterclass in how to do "it" the right way, so if you ever want to offer a product to your followers, this is a must-listen.A big thank you to our sponsor Shopstyle Collective, if you are in influencer marketing check them out at www.shopstylecollective.com.For more on Elizabeth:@EHolmes (IG)Her New Book! (Web)For more about Trove:@trovebusinesswww.trovebusiness.com

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