Nick Symmonds (@NickSymmonds) on going from Olympian to YouTube Influencer

Nick Symmonds (@NickSymmonds) is a two-time Olympian in the 800 meters and now runs Run Gum as the CEO, while also building a big YouTube following. As someone who has always connected with a broad audience, when Nick was retiring from running professionally, he did not want that connection to end. So he turned to YouTube with the same focus and commitment with which he approached his running career. Though he did not see immediate success, he kept at it and is now closing in on 250K subscribers. Not only that, but his success as a YouTuber has had a massive impact on Run Gum's success as well.In this episode of Influencer Business we cover a lot of ground with Nick. From his start as a professional runner, to his founding of Run Gum, to building his YouTube channel and everything in between, Nick shares his mindset, insights and reflections. It is a great conversation with a consummate competitor that you don't want to miss.A big thank you to our sponsor Shopstyle Collective, if you are in influencer marketing check them out at more on Nick:@NickSymmonds (IG)Nick Symmonds (YT)For more about

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