How to Write a Bestselling Children's Book with Laurie Wright

Bestselling children's author and publishing coach, Laurie Wright, joined me this week to talk about her mission to help the emotional welfare of kids around the world, how she self-published a bestseller, and tools and resources for writer's aspiring to pen their own illustrated children's books. “I've realized, quickly, that what they say about 80% of people wanting to write a book really is true.” – Laurie Wright The former kindergarten teacher and mom of three saw an opportunity in the classroom for both parents and educators seeking solutions to get their kids to overcome "learned helplessness," and undertake simple problem-solving. She crowdfunded her first self-published, illustrated children's book in 2016, the hugely popular Amazon bestseller, I Can Handle It (a Mindful Mantras book), now translated into seven languages. The book established her as a childhood mental health authority – even though her background is in education – and since 2016 Laurie has gone on to publish 11 kid's books, three of which are bestsellers. Her Mindful Mantra books are described as "... quick, simple to read, useful resources for parents and teachers ... [that offer] a common language ... to help children self-regulate." Laurie has turned her passion for helping other educators and aspiring children's writers into a lucrative coaching business and podcast that both provide tips and tools on how to write, self-publish, and market your book. Please help us learn more about you by completing this short 7-question survey This episode of The Writer Files is brought to you by the team at Author Accelerator. Author Accelerator book coaches give writers feedback, accountability, and support while you write, so you can get that your idea out of your head and onto the page. If you’re a fan of The Writer Files, please click subscribe to automatically see new interviews. In this file Laurie Wright and I discussed: How 10 years as a kindergarten teacher (and mom) informs her work The greatest challenge she faced self-publishing an illustrated book Why quiet time with books is so important for young readers The new age of self-publishing and the barrier to entry for traditionally publishing kid's books How she turned her self-publishing know-how into entrepreneurial ventures Why children's authors face so much self-doubt And advice and free resources for authors dreaming about writing their own illustrated children's books Show Notes: Author Accelerator The Writer's Way - podcast I Can Handle It (Mindful Mantras) - by Laurie Wright [Amazon] Laurie Wright on Amazon Laurie Wright on YouTube Laurie Wright on Facebook Laurie Wright on Twitter Kelton Reid on Twitter

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