How Demian Farnworth (Copyblogger s Chief Content Writer) Writes

Welcome to The Writer Files, a tour of the habits, habitats, and brains of renowned writers — from online content creators, to fictionists, journalists, entrepreneurs, and beyond. Great writing is more vital and in demand than it’s ever been. But sometimes writers get stuck — the right words don t appear, we get distracted, or worse, lose interest in our work — and that s when the solitary nature of writing can become a curse. I m here to remind you that all writers have moments of doubt, feelings of ineffectiveness, and droughts where the words won t flow. For writers like you and I to stay productive, creative, and sane, sometimes we just need to take a look at how other scribes find ways keep the ink flowing and the cursor moving. In this episode, I want share the file of prolific online publisher, Demian Farnworth. Between the writing he does for Copyblogger, his personal blog, and his two podcasts that regularly land at the top of iTunes, he promises to … deliver the essential writing advice you need to succeed online. In this 32-minute file Demian Farnworth and I discuss: Why Demian Loves The Writer Files Interview Series How a Poet Learned to Make a Living Online Why You Should Treat Your Writing Like Music Demian’s Secret to His Prolificness Why You Need to Over-Sharpen Your Axe 3 Timeless Ideas that Lead to Enhanced Creativity Why So Many Writers Quit A Single Word that Will Help You Keep the Cursor Moving The Show Notes The Writer Files Interview Series on Copyblogger Influence by Robert Cialdini Demian’s Author Page on The Copybot Rough Draft Podcast The Lede Podcast Journalist Michael Kruse Kelton Reid on Twitter

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