The Productive People of Podcast Movement 2015

In this episode of the podcast, producer John Poelstra and host Mike Vardy continue to talk to those attending Podcast Movement 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas. They speak with Srinivas Rao (The Unmistakable Creative), Erik Fisher (Beyond The To Do List), Vickie Velasquez (Productivity Power Up Podcast), Julia Tunstall (A Bar Above & Effortless Workflow), and more. Relevant Links (Unmistakable Creative | Candid Conversation with Creative Entrepreneurs) (Srinivas Rao (@UnmistakableCEO) | Twitter) (A Bar Above) (Effortless Workflow) (Julia Tunstall (@jctunstall) | Twitter) (Beyond the To Do List) (Erik Fisher (@ErikJFisher) | Twitter) (Productivity Power Up | Taking Your Productivity to the Next Level) (Vickie Velasquez (@vickstreme) | Twitter) (Relay | Unify your visual content) (Craig Carpenter (@CraigCarpenter) | Twitter) (The Year Of Purpose Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Travel | Happiness) (Zephan Blaxberg (@ZephanMoses) | Twitter) Want to send Mike an app, book, or something similar to discuss on the show? Email Productivityist at and we'll give it a look. Want to listen on Stitcher? (Click here.) Really like the show and want it to flourish even more? Support The Productivityist Podcast by becoming a patron! (Click here) to visit The Productivityist Podcast's Patreon page and see what perks await those who pitch in a buck or more.

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