SPS 140: Everything Is Figureoutable & How To Be A Time Genius While Writing Your Book with Marie Forleo

Today's interview is with a guest I've waiting to get on the show for years!! I'm joined by Marie Forleo, author of "Everything Is Figureoutable" to go behind the scenes on her book launch and the launch of her new program. We also talk about:
-How Marie tested out her book idea with Oprah (and decided what to write)
-"Chocolate covered broccoli" and one small tweak you should make to your book topic and title
-Marie's schedule for writing a book while running a wildly successful business
-The 3 things that sold the most copies
-Why I changed the cover of the book when releasing the paperback version

...and so much more! We also talk about her new Time Genius program and how you can use the principles in this program to write your book.

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