Ep303: The Diamonds that Last Forever with The Diamond Pro CEO Michael Fried

Micheal Fried is the CEO of Diamond Pro, a diamond industry veteran for over 15 years.

Diamonds are forever. But the traditional way of buying them isn’t.

Michael has worked in the diamond industry for 20 years and was exposed to the dark side of the market.

After becoming sick of seeing consumers being taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge he launched 'The Diamond Pro' - an affiliate website that offers unbiased information and objective guides. 

The website has close to a million readers a month, generated over $100 million this year, and has helped hundreds of thousands of educated buyers.  

Michael has Secret Shopped thousands of stores around the world to provide the most accurate information and ensure consumers can zero in on the best possible choice for their needs.

They only work with the most reputable diamond dealers including leading online diamond companies James Allen, Blue Nile, and over 100,000 diamonds have been bought through Diamond Pro to date.

His mission is to help educate consumers and save them from getting screwed when making one of the largest purchases of their life.  

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