147. Top Advice for Rising Leaders: Have a Plan w/ Fred Mather


This week on the show, we are lucky to have Fred Mather, a 35-year veteran of sales and sales management. He's worked across a variety of companies at high growth stages, helping companies grow from zero in revenue to well over $100 million — in both the UK and US. Currently, he is executive vice-chairman of Revenue Collective.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Fred’s insights on the differences in sales between the UK and US
  2. His career path and the importance of networking
  3. A many-time CRO on what makes a distinguished leader
  4. Rising leaders need to have a plan
  5. A plan doesn’t just mean revenue

Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. Show Introduction [00:02]
  2. About Fred Mather and Revenue Collective [1:12]
  3. Sales in the UK vs. US [9:46]
  4. Fred on Leadership [21:08]
  5. Advice for rising leaders [27:14]
  6. You need a plan [31:02]
  7. Sam’s Corner [34:46]

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