Episode 73: Ask Me Anything: What If YOU are The Mean Girl?, Moving On After a Breakup, Facebook Algorithm Myths + MORE!

I'm back with the first ASK ME ANYTHING episode of 2018 and it's a good one! I'm answering all your burning questions around life and business, including what to do if YOU are the "mean girl," how to move on after a breakup when it feels impossible, what the Facebook algorithms mean for our businesses, and much more.

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This episode is sponsored in part by Talia Di Giulio Adams, Sydney based Entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. Growing up in the entertainment industry, Talia has gone on to transform the lives of women and men both mind and body, bettering their lifestyles in the process. Now stepping into 2018 with a global online business, coaching women and men, families, singles and the average person wanting the best out of life, physically and financially. Talia is offering 25% off to those wanting to start with her on there nutritional cleansing lifestyle and journey. You can connect with Talia and learn more about her at www.TaliaDiGiulio.com, follow her on Instagram @taliadigiulioadams and on Facebook at Live.Love.Life https://m.facebook.com/livelovelifebytalia/

This episode is also brought to you in part by Breakup Coach and relationship advice columnist for The Huffington Post, Chelsea Leigh Trescott of Breakupward. If you’re struggling to let go of a relationship or make sense of being left, visit breakupward.com/services to get the perspective you need and the relief you’re craving. Sign up to Chelsea's newsletter at breakupward.com to receive instant access to the first 5 days of her 31 day Breakupward Workbook. When you purchase any of her single session and/or coaching packages, mention Style Your Mind to receive an additional coaching session for free. Connect with Chelsea on Instagram at @thankyouheartbreak and on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/musings 

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