Episode 006: Webinars as a selling tool, and why they still work.

Episode 6 of If I Made a Podcast is dedicated to one of our FAVORITE things...WEBINARS! Emily and Mary talk about why webinars are your best friend when you’re launching an online course, how you can make the most of your webinars, and the things you SHOULD and absolutely SHOULD NOT do in your webinar. 

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Here’s what you’ll be walking away with:

  • A step-by-step guide to creating AND selling your own online course for under $500 (with zero tech overwhelm)
  • The exact strategy If I Made has used to generate over $3M in online course sales
  • All the strategies, tools, and materials that’ll help you create a course without breaking the bank
  • How to make money while you’re asleep/out with the kids/vacationing in Aruba
  • To identify the signs that tell you you’re ready to create an online course… (and get the deets on where to start)
  • To silence that nagging voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough
  • How to grow an email list of engaged customers eager to ready to hand you their money in exchange for your expertise

Join Emily in real life (on the interweb), and get ALL of your questions about launching online courses, marketing, business, and webinars answered. Click here to sign up for free!

And we’ll be LIVE on Facebook and Instagram Wednesday, October 8th at 11am EDT. Ask Emily ANYTHING you want after listening to Episode 6!. 

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