#50 John Locke: SMB Capital Options Trader on Developing a Mindset for Trading Success

Our guest this is week is John Locke, an option trader at SMB Capital. John has achieved great success as a trader since starting about 15 years ago having previously worked as a ‘Success Coach’.

As well as working as a trader himself, John coaches’ traders through this company ‘Locke in Your Success’. 

John took the principles he applied to clients in his coaching and applied them to himself. John worked on his own personal and human development more so than focusing on developing his trading strategy, and the other external parts of the trading process. John was effectively developing his ‘Metagame’ as a trader. Thisappears to have been a significant factor in John becoming profitable from his trading far quicker than most other new traders. 

This episode is full of value. – The first 25 minutes of the interview explore aspects of options trading, and this will be useful for all traders whether they are options traders or not. The second part of the podcast, from about half an hour into the podcast focuses on the mindset needed for success and how our emotions can derail us from optimal behaviour and following good process. 

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