How Are You Prepared For Your Inevitable Demise?

Joining Mark this week are:

  • Erik Peterson
  • Scott Bossman
  • Mike Zaino
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Teria Harris

Listen in as they go around the table and share with us how they have prepared or planned for the inevitable time in their lives. Mark also gives advice on how to get started with the preparation process.


Mark: When you have a baby, one of the first things you should do is give the baby a Gmail account (example:, and then every week, send them a cute video of them. When they turn 18, you give them the password and username to their email, and they can go back and see how they've actually grown up.

Teria: With WeCroak, I offset the death messages with "I am" statements using the "I am" daily affirmations app.

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