Options Bootcamp 41: Advanced Adjustments

Basic Training: Advanced Adjustments

  • Spread adjustments
  • When should you adjust a spread?
  • Vertical spreads. Long and short straddles.
  • Long and short butterfly adjustments
  • When should you adjust your flies?
  • Iron butterflies and iron condors.
  • Calendar spread adjustments
  • When should you adjust basic horizontal one-month calendars?

Mail Call: The drill instructors will now take your questions

  • Question from Dr. Anthony - I enjoyed you episode on the wheel trade. I would like to know more about your typical use case for wheel trades, particularly when it comes to the second leg. Do you write an ITM or ATM call, hoping for the stock to be called away quickly, thereby allowing you to begin the process again? Or do you prefer to write an OTM call and attempt to capture some appreciation in the underlying, while risking losses in the stock?
  • Question from Nik_Miner - How much money should I keep in my account for adjustments? Does 10-15% seem reasonable in case I need to roll or trade stock against my options?

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