Options Bootcamp 31: Stock Repair Strategy

Basic Training: Stock Repair Strategy Review

  • Have a downturn in your account? Options can help make that money back.
  • When do you use this?
  • How does this differ from just holding the stock outright?
  • Is there a better alternative to doubling down?

Mail Call: Tell us what you want to know.

  • Question from Nick - Can you explain the difference between a front spread and a back spread? Thank for the program. It has a regular spot on my podcast playlist.
  • Question from Avalon 360 - I have heard a lot of talk about covered calls. They are in interesting income trade, but they seem to be leaving money on the table - namely the put. Why does no one talk about covered straddles? After all, if you are comfortable selling the vol or premium on one strike you should be comfortable selling both and collecting twice the income?

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