Haley Rosen (Just Women's Sports) - Starting a sports media company through the pandemic, the relationship between athlete and journalist, and why women's sports are overlooked

Thank you Brian Reilly for the introduction to Haley Rosen, Founder of Just Women's Sports. Just Women's Sports is the first media company solely focused on bringing Women Sports directly to you. Haley is also an athlete. She was one of the top soccer recruits coming out of high school and played on the Stanford team as well as having a professional career. In this episode you'll learn how Haley's decides what type of content to produce, the opportunity she saw and how she views the relationship between athlete and the media plus much much more.Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Gorgias. Gorgias combines all your communication channels including email, SMS, social media, livechat, and phone, into one platform and gives you an organized view of all tickets. Sign up here and mention the Consumer VC podcast for two months free.Click Here to sign up.You can catch Haley on Twitter at @RosenHaley.Questions I ask Haley:What was your initial attraction to soccer and sports?Why did you want to create a media company for women's sports? What was the opportunity that you saw in women's sports?What was the first type of content that you started with?What was the initial reaction?What types of other content did you then roll out?What mistakes did you make?What's the hardest part about starting a media company?How has being so driven in sports and the routines you developed in sports translated in business?How do you think about the sports media landscape currently? You now have alot of networks that are creating their own sports media businesses, do you think there is saturation?I read your article "Letting go of being perfect". When you think of founding a business, what role does perfection have?Has gambling become a gateway for some people to get into women's sports?When did you decide you needed to fundraise?What was that experience like?What was the biggest reason why investors said no?What was your process?What's the most misunderstood about women's sports?Lifestyle angleWhat's the vision and the next step for Just Women's Sports?What's one thing you would change about venture capital?The opportunity comes when peopleWhat's one book that inspired you personally and one book that inspired you professionally?What's one piece of advice that you have for founders?What's the best piece of advice that you've received?

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