Series 8 Preview

Welcome to 2022! This episode provides you with a preview of what to expect in Series 8 of the show. These will be shorter episodes covering specific topics that I think you will find useful. I also signpost you to the playlists that I have created covering topics such as Succession Planning Governance Next Generation Family Wealth Sustainability and much more. Support the Show The podcast is entirely self-funded by me. I am not looking for sympathy as it is something that I love to do and I have a passion for providing great content for family businesses across the world. Some listeners have asked for ways in which they can support the show, be that through reviews, sharing with friends or a donation. As such I have set up a page that outlines all the ways that you can support what I am doing. ( Work With Russ If what I have spoken about in the show resonates and you want to discuss how I can help you and your family business drop me an email: or head over to ( Sign up to the Newsletter You can get podcasts, videos and blogs delivered directly to your inbox by signing up to the newsletter. Head over to ( and sign up now Support this podcast

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