Final Episode: Dane Cook | Bob Saget's Here For You

Comedian, actor, and long-time friend Dane Cook joins the podcast for its final episode. Dane shares his journey to the stage, opening up about his battle with social anxiety as a child and how his parents' personalities influenced his acts. Bob and Dane tackle a share of serious subjects, including their memories of the late Robin Williams and Louis Anderson, how pain can develop into great comedy, and Dane's experience having to put his older half-brother in jail over After decades in the industry, Dane believes you don't have to be limited to one facet of comedy. With a brand new special on the way this year, Dane continues to cultivate new ideas and projects that allow him to explore areas of his career beyond standup.   Follow Dane on Social Media:   Listen to Bob Saget’s Here For You now: ​ Listen Anywhere! Apple Podcasts: ​ Spotify: ​ Stitcher: ​ Google: ​   Follo​w Bob Saget: Official Website: ​ Facebook: ​ Instagram: ​ Twitter: ​ Snapchat: ​ TikTok: ​   About the Podcast: BOB SAGET’S HERE FOR YOU is a podcast that is like no other— Because it goes inside Bob Saget’s mind, and then quickly filters out through his mouth. Bob has a way of calming people with genuine empathy and humor while they’re going through a difficult time, which we all are at present. Reaching his unusually diverse audience that he talks to as a friend, Bob is the dad with great advice, the irreverent funny guy who’s always there when you need a laugh, and the free-associative Bob who goes off on crazy tangents then returns to the subject at hand, as serious or as comedic as it may be, to wrap up each episode in a way only Bob can do. Because he really does believe, “He’s here for you." See for privacy information.

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