Defending Pluralism, Encouraging Tolerance and Building Democracy in Pakistan

Rivets Learning, with support from USIP, has recently published a book of seven essays, “Pakistan Here and Now: Insights into Society, Culture, Identity and Diaspora”, that attempts to decipher the interplay of external discourse and local narratives of diversity and inclusion to help reshape the discussion around combating violent extremism in Pakistan. On January 18, USIP as hosted the book’s editor and several contributors for a discussion on the context and development of extremist narratives in Pakistan, as well as how they can be countered by a focus on inclusion and tolerance.


Harris Khalique  Poet and Editor of “Pakistan Here and Now”

Fatimah Ihsan Head of Gender Studies Department, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad; Contributor, “Pakistan Here and Now” 

Hasan Zaidi  Editor for Magazines, DAWN Group; Contributor, “Pakistan Here and Now” 

Adnan Rafiq, moderator Country Director, Pakistan, U.S. Institute of Peace


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