Mindfulness In The Motherhood Journey: Patty Castellanos

Patty Castellanos is a Cuban-American born mother, living in Miami. She is a dedicated, strong-willed, compassionate and passionate wife and mother of 2 amazing kids. Patty knows what it is like to want to support your career and family, manage a home and business, while carving out time for self-care and scheduling a night out. In 2011, Patty had her first child by Cesarean Section birth, which changed her outlook on birth and motherhood.  Her life changed and this became the reason for the launch of her private practice, The Expression Center. In 2015, her little family was completed with her daughter, who was born via VBAC; Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. This was a powerful journey of healing, learning and growth. Patty's family is her passion, not a 9-5 job. She works with mothers every day, who choose to put their motherhood journey and healing as their priority, because being a happy and healthy mom is a priority.  Patty uses traditional therapeutic tools and techniques combined with the power of the subconscious mind to create change through hypnosis.

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  • Leon Kassianos, Doula (birth support person)
Effect on Emotions
  • As a mom, and as a supporter, and therapist to moms, it's so easy for moms to lose their cool, to explode, to completely lose track of the moment. So as a mom, I work to always practice what I teach.
  • As a woman, I also work to consistently allow myself to focus on the here and now. Because it really is like a cycle. When we are able to focus on mindfulness and be in the here and now.
  • Our kids see it. When our kids see it, they then are able to give us a better communication, understanding. And they are better at what they're doing as well.
  • Relationships are stronger, families are stronger, and really all comes together to focusing on mindfulness, the present moment, and here and now.
Thoughts on Breathing
  • Oh, my gosh, breathing is everything. In fact, I just got a text yesterday, from one of my clients that texted me saying, I'm sorry, I've been missing in action. I had my baby on November 2, no epidural, all natural, and my husband was a trooper. And the one thing that was the biggest help, was breathing.
  • The Hypno birthing breathing really worked. It's amazing, because all of the breathing techniques that I teach my clients are breathing techniques that they could use for a lifetime. So I teach calm, breathing, calm breathing, to really focus your intentions, return to the here and now.
  • Allow yourself to even throw a quick affirmation out there, to really bring yourself back to what you need to do in the moment.
  • Then for those that are pregnant and preparing for labor delivery, I also teach them breathing, and birth breathing. And it's amazing, the way that the breath can really allow you to connect your mind and your body so that your body can work most effectively.
Suggested Resources Bullying Story
  • Any pressure around conceiving a child is completely multifaceted  because every woman is a unique individual although not every woman has that dream of conceiving a child.
  • Recently I had a client that never ever thought that she wanted to have a child, but then she got married and her husband wanted a child.
  • After a few years, she conceded and she told her husband, “I am going to give you a child.”
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