Menopause Pre + Post, What You Need to Know

Dr. Felice Gersh is back on the podcast by popular demand! She's been on the show twice before sharing science-backed information on intermittent fasting, and today's podcast is all about the Big M... menopause. 

In this episode, we discuss step-by-step approaches that guide you through the menopausal phases (pre and post), and how to handle everything from hot flashes to fuzzy thinking... from irritability to insomnia.

This show is full of straightforward and practical advice that every woman needs to take control short-term symptoms and long-term health. 

I asked the Fit Over 40 Facebook group which topics of the book they’d be most interested in discussing, and the answers came in loud and clear... 

  • Weight gain
  • Body shape change
  • Sex drive decrease
  • Joint pain
  • Appetite fluctuations

We’ll dive into all of those topics in today's NEW Art of Living episode! 

Her new book, Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know is full of information that prepares you for what lies ahead in the menopausal journey (pre and post), and find solutions for all of the symptoms. 

Dr. Felice Gersh is board-certified in both OBGYN and integrative medicine. She’s the director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irving, a comprehensive women’ health care practice. As a clinical assistant professor, she teaches students and residents, as well as lectures across the country.

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