What the F Happened to our Marriage [Season Premiere]

In this episode:

- what’s our life like in Costa Rica?

- what happened with our ‘polyamory’ experiment

- why we deleted the last 2 episodes of the podcast

- ironic thing that happened in our relationship

- what happened with my lover from 14 years ago?

- did things ever get messy or ugly?

- how an Ayahuasca ceremony changed everything

- what happened at Garden of Eden

- how Rob met the ‘second love of his life’

- is there such a thing as ‘right person wrong time?’

- epiphany on why our marriage ended

- what veganism has to do with our relationship going stale

- the ‘triangle’ with Nikki and why it works

- honest reflections on polyamory

- how clear boundaries are the key

- sneak peek at what’s to come

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