The Patient Mindset – a Conversation with Tom Hileman, President of The Hileman Group

The conversation about the future of healthcare often leaves out an important – and perhaps critical perspective– the role of the patient. And as our society advances through the coronavirus health crisis, our individual impact on public health is all the more emphasized – from wearing a mask in a public setting to maintaining social distancing from friends and family. What long-term changes will the COVID19 crisis have on the patient’s mindset in society? I speak with Tom Hileman, President of Hileman Group, a healthcare marketing agency that develops high-touch, data-driven marketing solutions for leading healthcare organizations nationwide. He has more than 20 years of experience as a multi-industry expert and leverages strategic insights for measurable engagement, business growth and success. A nationally recognized speaker and former scientist, Tom’s perspective provides insight into putting customers at the center of digital strategies.  Listen in as we discuss the changes to the patient mindset in a post-COVID19 world.  Show Notes: Tom Hileman on LinkedIn The Hileman Group on Twitter

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