Episode 90 - Favorite Species For Hand Tools, Side Rail Box Hinges, Quality or Quantity & MUCH More!

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1)  If I use the 1/3 rule for the tenons on the aprons, the tenons would be 1/4" thick if I use 3/4" stock.  Do you think this is thick enough for a side/sofa table that won't see much abuse? 

2) Hey guys, love the podcast! I have been following Sean's box build and wanted to talk about box hinges. For side mount hinges, what's your preferred installation method that works every time? It's something I struggle with and would like some tips or tricks. Thanks, Deron



1) Thanks for the great podcast and answering a number of my questions in the past.  As with many of us I have a love hate relationship with finishing.  I have been using Shellac with a Rubber (I know Huy dislikes that term) using Guy's method of preparing and using.  I've recently tried hard wax oil (Odie's) which I like, but want to try spraying.  I have a Home Right Super Finish HVLP (ie CHEAP) Sprayer, can I use this for spraying Shellac?  I know recently Guy had mentioned that he pretty much just sprays shellac now.  If I do this would I prepare the ratio the same as I have been for rubbing?  Any tips or tricks you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doug

2) To my question, how do you guys balance getting stuff done vs quality?  Is quality always important? Thanks again Liam



1) What is your favorite species of wood to work on with hand tools  and why? Michael

2) I want to make a bow front bedroom set (night stands, chest of drawers and dresser). I plan to make the draw fronts out of bending ply and 1/16 shop sawn veneer. I was considering sawing them out of 12/4 or 16/4 cherry but some of the drawers will be 10 inches tall and I’m concerned about the stability of the wood over time.

After I bend and glue up the drawer fronts, How should I square up the ends so they are parallel plus have a flat on the back for the draw sides? Also, I usually hand cut dovetails when making drawers, since the fronts will basically be plywood, I am thinking this will be difficult. Is there another technique that you could suggest that would be strong, yet simple to make?

Also, the dresser will be two drawers wide with a single bow (each drawer will have a half bow). Whatever technique I use to make the drawer fronts on the end tables and chest of drawers will need to be different for these drawers, how do you suggest I square up the ends and create a flat on the back for the dresser drawers?



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