1/28: Massive winter storm expected to hit the Northeast. Russia's foreign minister says there will be no war in Ukraine.

Millions in the east prepare for a dangerous winter storm -- expected to hit this weekend. Forecasters expect blizzard- like conditions, including high winds, low visibility and heavy snowfall. While Russian troops continue to mass near the Ukrainian border, Russia's foreign minister is now declaring there will be no war. But he warned that Moscow will defend its interests. Russia's foreign minister says there will be no war in Ukraine. But military drills continue, and tensions remain high. We turn now Houston, where a man is in custody after allegedly shooting three police officers. President Biden says he will nominate a successor to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer by the end of next month. He has reaffirmed that the nominee will be a black woman, calling it "long overdue." This morning we have an update on the dramatic loss of freedom in Hong Kong.

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