Podcast #661 - Nvidia RTX 3050 Launch, DDR5 8888, ARM acquisition update, Malware update + more!

Are you ready for another entry-level graphics card you can't buy anywhere near MSRP? Perfect! Let the argument about availability of RTX 3050 vs. RX 6500 XT begin! Need a topic? How about, should NVIDIA have made the RTX 3050 as undesirable as the RX 6500 XT (still on shelves) to enhance product availability?

00:00 Intro
02:15 Burger of the Week
03:45 RTX 3050 review discussion
22:20 DDR5 at 8888 CL88
26:15 Earthquake forces Toshiba fab in Japan to shut down
29:40 Silicon manufacturers are doing JUST FINE
31:14 A hand-built 1200 transistor chip from a garage
35:01 Microsoft keeps messing with Windows 11
36:10 Ad Break: TextExpander
37:13 Sniffing malware emissions with a Raspberry Pi?
40:46 WD My Cloud OS patched
41:38 12-year-old Linux bug can give root access
42:31 NVIDIA may not be buying Arm after all...
47:28 Crysis 4 announced
48:57 Surviving Mars bundle thing
50:12 Steam Deck will ship February 28
51:33 Picks of the Week
59:44 Outro

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