Ep. 115 - Stacey Abrams Sabotaged Effort To Remove Confederate Symbol from GA Flag In 92 (Aired October 28th, 2018 on WSB)

(Show Originally Aired October 28th, 2018 on WSB) On WSB Atlanta, We broke the story about Stacey Abrams burning the Georgia flag on the steps of the Georgia capital when she was in college. The New York Times then took that story, gave us no credit, left out the relevant details and spun it to make her look like some sort of civil rights hero who helped get the confederate symbol removed from the flag. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The truth is that there was already a bi-partisan coalition that included the governor at the time, the mayor, republicans, democrats and civil rights leaders who were all already working towards getting the confederate symbol removed. They not only disapproved of the flag burning and other protests by Abrams group, her group was specifically called out as being extremists by the governor and cited as the reason why the flag proposal failed. Abrams was not a civil rights hero. She was a young activist, from a family of well-connected activists, seeking power by amplifying and exploiting racial tensions, just like she had been trained to do.    Thank you to everyone who has supported the show. It is your support that keeps us going. Anyone who is interested helping out, you can Donate and Support the Show Via Patreon, or PayPal.  https://www.patreon.com/propagandareport Subscribe to the Propaganda Report podcast on iTunes by clicking here. If you’re an android user, subscribe on Google play by clicking here. If you like the show, leave us a 5 star rating on iTunes. It helps us show up higher in the searches. Thank you! Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/monicaperezshow?lang=en https://twitter.com/freedomactradio?lang=en Subscribe to my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/bradbinkley    

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