Ep. 96 - DARPA & The Weaponization of Meme’s (Military Memetics)

A modern version of Operation Mockingbird is in full effect as yet another former head of an intelligence agency makes the media rounds. Plus, we analyze a DARPA funded study into Military Memetics that reveals the government's scientific approach to mass manipulation through the use of memes.  TUTORIAL: MILITARY MEMETICS BASED ON DARPA STUDY https://www.robotictechnologyinc.com/images/upload/file/Presentation%20Military%20Memetics%20Tutorial%2013%20Dec%2011.pdf Former Director of CIA and NSA Michael Hayden Interview - "The Assault on Intelligence" in Trump's Post-Truth America | The Daily Show https://youtu.be/lY_-GF1ojss If you haven’t, Subscribe to the Propaganda Report podcast on iTunes. Rate and review us because it helps us move up in the search rankings and we’d love to hear from you. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/t… Or subscribe on your Android listening platform of choice. http://www.subscribeonandroid.com/pro… THANK YOU to our current Patrons and everyone who’s donated to the show via Paypal or supported the show in other ways. It is your donations that enable us to continue doing the show.  If you haven’t donated but would like to, you can do so at Paypal. I’ve changed our link because the previous one keep messing up for some reason. Thank you! paypal.me/BradBinkley or better yet, you can become a Patron. https://www.patreon.com/propagandareport Like the Propaganda Report Podcast on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thepropagand…    

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