Copywriting for the arts with Ali Strachan

We are surrounded by art every day. And artists struggle with many of the challenges that us copywriters do… How to create a sense of perceived value around their work. How to market their work to audiences who will not only appreciate it but pay for it too. How to create a successful business without disrupting their creative process. That’s where today’s guest comes in. We’re talking to Ali Strachan, digging into how artists can create a successful business and how copywriters can be successful in this niche. Tune in to learn: What an Arts Advocate does The big struggles artists face, and how Ali helps to overcome them How important strong personal branding and storytelling is for artists The kind of copy an arts copywriter writes The conflict between art and marketing: the artist and the customers Whether artists care about SEO, blogs, and mailing lists What gets Ali cross about arts marketing Question for you Have you ever written for an artist? Share your thoughts on Twitter (@hotcopypodcast) or our Facebook page! Share the pod love If you like what you’re hearing on Hot Copy, the best way to support the show is to take just a few seconds to leave a rating and/or comment over on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher. Thanks! Thanks to thatsmekq from the UK for a fantastic review of the show. “Really enjoying your podcast and am going to be putting a lot of these tips to use in my new marketing manager role. I listen to a lot of marketing-related podcasts and this is my new favourite. Thanks for your high-quality content. Kay (Glasgow).” Who is Ali? Ali Strachan helps visual artists promote their work, make an impact, and earn more from sales and commissions. She’s a passionate, knowledgeable, and honest advocate of the arts, who supports her clients to achieve success on their creative journey. She regularly works with arts organisations and local council to promote and educate local artists and engage them in events to give them every opportunity to build their profile within the community. As a fellow creative, she understands the challenges artists face when building their business – and has the tools, experience, and know-how to help artists be more profitable, so they can keep doing what they love. Connect with Ali Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

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