The Wipe So Far | Best Flea Market Yet? | Evolving Playstyles | Operational Tasks | Exfil Episode 77 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast

They’re BACK!

On this episode, MTBTrigger and Ronal talk all about the new wipe and a few of the changes from last wipe that are now having a, somewhat unexpected, impact. 

Both Ronal and MTB are level 25 at the time of recording and have been having a ton of fun. They kick the episode off talking about how they have each been adapting and evolving their playstyle. MTB boasts a 17 raid survival streak and Ronal has been getting aggressive in PMC encounters. They break down what they’ve been doing to be successful and how they’re approaching raids and fights in a different way.

After a few raid stories and a strategic talk about point firing, the pair dig into a discussion about operational tasks and how their inclusion is keeping the game fresh and seems to be the answer to the gaps in quest content that was prevalent in previous wipes. Additionally, they talk about how having “random” things to do every few days can really break up the progression grind OR give you the little boost you need to unlock that next trader reputation level.

Flea market changes, or exclusions, also get a good look because Ronal and MTB both believe the changes are extending the early game and “fair fight” feeling. Do you agree? Do you like the changes to the flea market?

The conversation is rounded out with some quick mentions of the systems that are creating meaningful raid moments and interesting decisions - notably the injector case and the trade for a scav junkbox from Therapist loyalty level 1.

All this and more inside the episode - good luck out there!


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