Guild's Innovative Approach to Incubate the Future of Work

In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast, we are joined by Terrence Cummings, Chief Opportunity Officer, and Kaley Klemp, Executive Coach in Residence from Guild, they offered insights into how their "career opportunity platform" is pioneering new approaches that develop talent and unlock potential.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Introduction

01:30 - Their background and roles at Guild

03:10 - Guild's evolution as a company

05:00 - Conscious leadership framework

07:40 - Coaching for self-awareness and blind spots

09:50 - Growth through discomfort

12:30 - Operating in your zone of genius

14:50 - Taking 100% responsibility (no more, no less)

16:40 - Clean agreements prevent ambiguity

18:20 - The power of candor

20:30 - Slowly transforming team culture

22:00 - Practical ways to implement conscious leadership

24:00 - Resources for learning conscious leadership

25:30 - Connecting with Terrence and Kaley

27:00 - Wrap up

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