137 | Tea and Tattle with Regula Ysewijn

This Tuesday on Tea a Tattle Podcast, I’m joined by the Belgian food writer and photographer, Regula Ysewijn, to discuss Regula’s latest cookbook, Oats in the North Wheat From the South, which provides recipes for classic British bakes and the history behind them. Regula was one of the first guests I had on Tea a Tattle in the early days of the podcast, when we chatted about her book, Pride a Pudding, which was packed full of recipes for traditional British puddings. It was a real delight to have Regula back on Tea a Tattle today, learning about more delicious sweet treats and the history of afternoon tea.  This episode is perfect for anyone who feels in need of a bit of comfort baking inspiration at the moment. Read the show notes: teaandtattlepodcast.com/home/137 Get in touch! Email: teaandtattlepodcast@gmail.com Instagram: @teaandtattlepodcast If you enjoy Tea a Tattle, please do rate and leave a review of the show on Apple Podcasts, as good reviews help other people to find and enjoy the show. Thank you!

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