New Year, New Me!

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for a NEW YOU! Or does it? Jonah can’t think of anything to change about himself, but he thinks that’s what’s expected of everyone at the beginning of each new year. In search of a New Year's Resolution, he stumbles onto a mysterious shop run by one of Santa’s elves. Christmas is over, but this elf is determined to still do good in the “off-season.” But even with the best of intentions, the elf’s generosity goes comically awry!

As we mentioned in the intro, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Check out our Valentine’s Day story from season 2, Cupid Crushes It!

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Best Whatever Ever! is a podcast for kids written, produced, edited and hosted by Ira Singerman, along with his bosses Spencer and Scarlett. Our theme song is by Sander Kalmeijer. Additional music and sound effects from

==== Time Stamps ====

04:19 - The story starts here!

16:35 - The outro with Ira, Spencer & Scarlett starts here! 


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