Jurassic Minutes January 2022

Hello and welcome to The January issue of Jurassic Minutes. 


Where we discuss recent movie, toy and franchise news for the Jurassic series. 


It’s a new year, and we have so much coming down the line it’s going to be a great 2022!






Recent Toy or Prop Purchases?

Brad - Where is my ultimate visual history? Colossal toro, 3x explorer sets, 

Dave - TLW Allosaurus, 2009 Bull T. rex, AC Ellie Sattler, AC Owen Grady

#jurassicrecaps has been continuing over the holidays at Jurassic-pedia featuring many scenes from the lost world. If you haven’t caught up yet head over to the pedia Facebook page and start the hype for dominion.



Now for the news

00:05:56 New York toy fair has been cancelled for 2022. The event usually happens in feb and show cases a lot of the toys coming out in the first quarter of the year. Sadly it’s not happening this year so we will have to follow Mattel online and see if they release any images and we will be back to discuss them on future episodes. 



New Hammond collection line replacing Amber collection

New baryonyx




https://twitter.com/collectjurassic/status/1483806804610064398?s=21 Jurassic World: Dominion basic figures have begun appearing in Brazil, so far Pyroraptor, Atrociraptor, Pteranodon and Giganotosaurus… Atrociraptor: https://www.facebook.com/collectjurassic/posts/1384477475344512

Pyro and Pteranodon: https://www.facebook.com/collectjurassic/posts/1383144372144489


00:19:33 New Legacy series Pachy on the way. Most of the new line features repaints of previously released figures including another raptor release.



00:21:20 Funko games revealed a new jp board game in December titled “the legacy of Isla nublar”

 The game will be going up on kickstarter in march so keep a eye on he Jurassic news sites for updates.



Topps is re releasing the original 93 jp collector cards and the collection folder. Well so I thought. Descriptions of the piece disc ribs is more like a celebration of the original cards with extras in the folder. Vintage jp cards are like funko pops online, they are everywhere so was unsure why they’d go back and try and release them again. Maybe this folder is different. We will find out in spring when it’s released. 



Jurassic world: primal ops has been released on iOS in a limited run.



Thrash and Devour T. rex has been revealed!

Movie news

00:27:59 Merchandise for dominion is starting to get out there and some of it is featuring the Rex and that drive in scene.



Empire and other film sites have been revealing new movie promotional stills for dominion, featuring Clare, Owen para wrangler and Owen on a bike escaping a theropod on some stairs.

Clare in deep water



Owen wrangler



Owen on motorbike



Owen and Kayla. A leak revealed Kayla is actually Kelly malcome, that leak has pretty much been debunked. I hope so, venessa should be back if they are bringing Kelly back. They wouldn’t re case grant to a older looking man. 



And Colin released an image of a para in the film on twitter. And of course half the fandom loved it, and the other half hated the new design.



There has also been some tie in marketing with the winter Olympic team. We’ve had two shorts now, one of US Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin encountering Blue and Rexy, and another of US Olympic ice skater Nathan Chen having a herd of Para’s come to say hello. We will get one more with Quetzelcoatlus before the beginning of the winter games, which start Feb, 3. 

(Some fans are just weird, thinking it was a scene from dominion back on Nublar in the winter.)


So what’s next for marketing? Super Bowl is around the corner and most believe a new trailer is coming. Honestly with what we’ve seen already I would not be surprised if we only get a quick 30 second re arrangement of the footage we have already seen. Movies are still being pushed back and I fear it’s a 50/50 right now if dominion even comes out in June like expected. 


00:44:51 Camp Cretaceous Season 4, Let’s tear off the Scab!



Thank you for listening. 

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