Episode 48: Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer affects more males than females by 3:1. In this episode, two experts demystify this common cancer, in a detailed and accessible discussion. They cover risk factors, cancer types, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments & reconstructive options. Useful information for anyone with bladder cancer or at risk for it



Max Kates, M.D. Urologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland; Associate Professor and Director of the Bladder Cancer Program at Johns Hopkins’ Hospital Brady Urologic Institute.

Jonathan Wright, M.D. Urologist at The University of Washington, Seattle Washington; Professor of Urology, and Medical Director of the UWMC Urology Clinic at the University of Washington School of Medicine; Associate Professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 



  • bcan.org Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network; founded by spouses of bladder cancer patients, comprehensive resource for patient support, information, advocacy, and research.

  • Make connections to local support groups and other patients. 


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