Episode 44: Better Off Dead a The Last American Virgin

A Diane Franklin Double Feature! First, the boys look on as Diane plays a French foreign exchange student who swoops in and saves a suicidal teenager from his surreal life in the classic Better Off Dead! Then… Your fine country gentlemen sit back and watch three left coast hard-ons as they try their damnedest to create a Dear Penthouse moment, and (of course) Diane Franklin is left holding the bag in the slimy, pervy The Last American Virgin. ___________________________________ Have a movie request? A compliment about our delicious snack bar treats, our (mostly) friendly staff and our spotless restrooms? Don't bother filling out a comment card. (Lucy throws those away.) Connect with us via: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllNightDriveIn Instagram: @allnightdrivein Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAllNightDriveInPictureShow/  E-mail: Allnightdriveinpictureshow@gmail.com Join us every two weeks for another double feature under the stars by subscribing, reviewing, and rating the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher, or check out The All-Night Drive-In Picture Show YouTube page!  We appreciate your patronage and please hang up your speaker, and drive safely!   

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