Canada is an illegal fentanyl exporter. Wait, what?

It’s true. Fentanyl is not only killing Canadians — organized crime gangs are making it here and selling it abroad, the RCMP says. A senior RCMP official responsible for fighting organized crime talks about efforts to disrupt the deadly supply chain. The House also checks in on the Halifax Security Forum, an annual gathering of some of the top minds in foreign policy and defence to see how they’re trying to navigate what some are calling a global “polycrisis,” as well as issues around Russia and Taiwan. Plus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is picking his words carefully when it comes to the war between Israel and Hamas. Why did he change his tone somewhat this week — and what does it mean for his government? This episode features interviews with: - Mathieu Bertrand, RCMP chief superintendent of Serious and Organized Crime and Border Integrity - Comfort Ero, CEO, International Crisis Group - Evgenia Kara-Murza, Russian democratic activist and wife of jailed Russian opposition figure Vladimir Kara-Murza - Vincent Chao, spokesperson and director of international affairs for the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan - Rob Russo, former CBC parliamentary bureau chief - Laura Osman, Reporter, The Canadian Press

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