472: Turn Team Performance Around with Shelli Warren

Are you struggling with team performance and issues within your company?  If you are, how are you able to identify that you are having team issues?  In this episode, Shelli and I join together and dive into our four favorite team leadership tools that can help you more easily lead your team regardless of the size of your team or the type of business that you have.  CLICK HERE to get all the links from this episode.   CLICK HERE to sign up for our FREE workshop How to Turn Team Performance Around on June 15th   CLICK HERE to get access to Your Next Best Hire.   CLICK HERE to learn more about working with Natalie in $ix Figures Lab.   CLICK HERE to sign up for The Retainer Roadmap workshop on June 10th.   When you are ready, here are a few ways we can help grow your service business. ???? Subscribe to our weekly podcasts Stacking Your Team and The BizChix Podcast.​ ✅ Get support as you hire with Your Next Best Hire course. There are 18 modules that include everything you need to successfully hire your next high-performing team member. Hiring mistakes are expensive and this course will walk you through each step, so you have a process going forward you can replicate.​ ???? Apply now to join $ix Figures Lab our group coaching program for service business owners who want to take home $8-10K per month. This group is ideal for women with sales averaging $3000 or more per month and provides nearly daily access to me, accountability and a community of women who will get you.​ ????Register now for the Retainer Roadmap workshop on June 10th! ???? Apply now to join Leadership Lab our group coaching program for service business owners who have a team of 5 or more. Get the tools and confidence to become the leader your team needs and a community to support you! This episode was first published at BizChix.com/472. Subscribe to our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team, on your podcast app or at BizChix.com/category/team.  

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