Ketchup with Lace & Katherine to hear all about: 1. Our breakdown Ashley Madison’s top cities for cheating! 2. Chats with Lace’s husband on Ambien. 3. A recap of last week’s INSANE episode. 4. A teaser of next week’s interview where the caller casually tells us it involves MURDER.  HAVE YOU CHEATED, BEEN CHEATED ON OR BEEN A SIDEPIECE? CALL US & LEAVE US A TEASER ABOUT YOUR STORY & YOU JUST MIGHT GET INTERVIEWED ON AN EPISODE OF CHEATIES: 888-STABBY-8 (888-782-2298) FOLLOW US ON IG: CHEATIES PODCAST | LACE LARRABEE | KATHERINE BLANFORD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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