128. ONE BALL, THAT'S ALL w/ Kristi McCarty

Today, Lace and Katherine interview the lovely and fascinating host of the Creepin It Real Podcast, Kristi McCarty! With full permission of the Cheatie involved, Kristi tells the story of how her friend Sarah (fake name) caught her husband Joe (also fake name) not only cheating, but getting paid for it! That's right, this dude was living a full on double life and the way he was caught is EPIC! You absolutely will be telling all of your friends about this insane story. FOLLOW OUR GUEST ON IG: Kristi McCarty FOLLOW US ON IG: CHEATIES PODCAST | Lace Larrabee | Katherine Blanford HAVE YOU CHEATED, BEEN CHEATED ON OR BEEN A SIDEPIECE IN A RELATIONSHIP? CALL TO LEAVE A VOICEMAIL TEASING YOUR STORY & YOU MIGHT JUST END UP ON AN EPISODE OF CHEATIES! 888-STABBY-8 (888-782-2298) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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