Hot and Bothered

Hot and Bothered is all about the power of romance novels – writing them, reading them, and imagining our own happy endings. Episodes release bi-weekly on Fridays.

SEASON 6: Live from Pemberley

In Live from Pemberley, we’re taking a close look at the most famous Romance novel of all time: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Every episode, Vanessa Zoltan and Lauren Sandler will read through the book, talk with experts, and ask themselves the question 'is this still a story for our time?'

SEASON 5: On Eyre

Vanessa Zoltan and Lauren Sandler embark on the English class you always deserved, diving deep into Jane Eyre through the themes of power and desire. Discussions range from ideas of class and colonialism to sex and gender as Lauren and Vanessa explore the roles of oppression and inequality, empowerment and rebellion in the text. Major “Eyreheads” and first-time readers alike are invited into Lauren and Vanessa’s conversation as they grapple with this complicated work—and as they try to figure out if Jane Eyre is a book they want to pass on to their daughters, and to future generations.

SEASONS 2 - 4: Twilight in Quarantine (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse)

You may remember BFFs Vanessa & Julia from their all-star advice giving in Hot and Bothered Season 1. In this season they’re sheltering in place in different cities, but they’re getting on the phone three times a week to read and talk about Twilight. On Twilight in Quarantine, they work their way through the Twilight saga one chapter at a time, giving brilliant well-informed advice to Stephenie Meyer's characters along the way. Advice like: "have you considered talking to each other about your feelings?" and "maybe you shouldn't kidnap people."

SEASON 1: Writing Romance

Season one of Hot and Bothered follows ten first-time romance writers as they try to write their own romance novels. Each episode explores a particular romance trope and why we love it so much. Along the way, Julia Quinn, writer of the Bridgerton series, gives weekly assignments so listeners can follow along in the process. Season one was made in collaboration with Spoke Media.

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