Successful Fashion Freelancer

The fashion industry can be toxic and burn you out. But as a true remote freelancer, you can get the freedom and flexibility you deserve. It’s the only way to earn a fair wage, set your own schedule and have a work-life balance doing projects you love. Whether you want to earn extra money on the side, fund your dream brand, or replace your salary, the SFF podcast will help you get there. Listen in for actionable tips and strategies to kickstart or grow your freelance career, build your confidence, and create the life you want. Hosted by $100k+ fashion freelancer Sew Heidi, the show features interviews and strategy sessions with successful freelancers from around the world. This is the only place to get REAL insights from REAL freelancers who have built REAL careers on their own terms.

by Flexibility a freedom doing work you love. - 163 episodes

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