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I'm Amber-Lee Lyons, your Chakra Expert and Energy + Crystal connoisseur. Just call me your Spiritual BFF and join me on Chakra Girl Radio, a spiritual podcast, as I interview today's top influencers and gurus to get an inside look at the rituals and soul-practices that have manifested their success, glamour, and designer bags, and how they bounce back from the dark time that us spiritual babes feel all too hard! We're also raising the vibes each week with celebrity gossip, entrepreneurship, beauty and fashion recs to spice up your glamorous and grounded wellness. Grab your glass of vino and some rose quartz, and join us while we cultivate the perfect balance between gurus and Gucci. Follow along on Instagram for more inspo @chakragirlco or at

by Amber Lee Lyons - 232 episodes

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