Southern Slurp

This is The Quint's podcast, Southern Slurp. I am your host Vikram, a lover of food, stories and conversations, in that order. Southern Slurp is a podcast that features recipes, ingredients, stories, voices and culinary history aimed at giving you a transcendent gastronomic experience! I'll introduce you to recipes, ingredients and flavours that rule the kitchens of South India. You'll hear the voices of chefs, culinary experts, food historians and a whole bunch of like-minded Saappaattu Ramans - food lovers - like myself. We'll cook in my own kitchen. And I'll also bring you voices, songs and sounds from across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP, Telangana and Karnataka, in search of unique recipes that tease your senses. I'll pick a recipe each episode, or maybe just an ingredient, and occasionally, a specific culture or habit that surrounds the food of the place. We'll travel back in time across history, and through some of my childhood memories of food, and of those who make it, like no one else. If your mouth is watering right now, or you feel a familiar rumble in your stomach, this series is a must try! A new sumptuous episode releases every alternate Friday, so do subscribe to The Quint to not miss a single podcast from the series. Also, do check out our other exclusive content. Check out my playlist for a menu of episodes, pick one and take a listen! As the familiar Tamil saying goes, 'Saaptu Pesalama?' - Let's talk after lunch!

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