Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit

A last-minute party with no menu inspiration. A kitchen with no space. A toddler who will only eat buttered pasta. Name your dinner emergency—Bon Appétit is here to help.  Dinner SOS is the podcast where we answer desperate home cooks' cries for help. In every episode, food director Chris Morocco and a rotating cast of cooking experts tackle a highly specific conundrum and present two solutions. The caller will pick one, cook through it, and let us know if we successfully helped rescue dinner. Call in with your own dinner emergencies—no problem is too big or too small! For the recipes featured in Dinner SOS and more, head to bonappetit.com or the new Epicurious App. Just search Epicurious in the Apple App Store and download today. You can find episodes of our previous podcast, Food People, here.

by Bon Appétit - 712 episodes

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