Tips for Lawyers Podcast

The Tips for Lawyers show is here to provide lawyers with the tools they need to thrive in legal practice. It's to fill a gap in the training of law students, lawyers and attorneys: practical legal skills and training. Lawyers and attorneys for a long time now have begun to ignore or avoid the skills and knowledge that are being utilised by businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. For some reason, we seem to think that we are special in legal practice, and avoid taking on board skills that could help us develop better relationships with clients, more valuable endeavours for our law firms, and better outcomes in terms of profit. The Tips For Lawyers show will deal with topics that allow us to improve our communication skills, our marketing and business development (or rainmaking), our productivity as lawyers, time billing and recording, persuasion and advocacy, legal writing skills and drafting, and an abundance of other ways in which lawyers can be more personally productive, useful and beneficial to their firm and their client. The show also deals with the struggles and issues that young lawyers face in getting through day to day practice. Subscribe today - and see how you can genuinely love a legal career.

by Chris Hargreaves: Lawyer (attorney) - 136 episodes

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