The Crude Audacity

Hey Yall! Welcome to The Crude Audacity Podcast. The Oil and Gas Podcast that talks Shop, Shit and Strategy with Oilpatch and Energy Influencers! My name is Kathryn Mills. I am an Operations Engineer, Podcaster, and Digital Media Strategist. I love the Oil, Gas, and Energy Industries and I want you to love them too! About the Podcast: The Crude Audacity Podcast is the Oil and Gas and Energy Podcast dedicated to talking Shop, Shit, and Strategy with Oilpatch and Energy Influencers. Each week, Kathryn sit with Oilfield Influencers to discuss technical expertise, oil and gas market, energy markets, oilfield services, business development, personal branding in energy and more! The Crude Audacity brings you Energy Insights from all corners of the Oil Industry (upstream, midstream and downstream). TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO ENERGY #oilandgasindustry #energyindustry #business #oilfield #oilandgaspodcast #energypodcast

by Kathryn Mills - 78 episodes

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