Upside Town Podcast - SE Asia Startup Ecosystem

Upside Town Podcast, hosted by Yash Sankrityayan, explores the SE Asia startup and venture capital scene and hosts key industry participants and pioneers to capture actionable insights and frameworks which can be used by technology startup founders, investors, employees & enthusiasts alike. The format is 25 minute episodes exploring only 3-4 topics deeply so the listeners and broader ecosystem can utilize these insights in their own professional & entrepreneurial pursuits. You can find more about the podcast at and about the host at >>The intro and outro music in the podcast episodes since April 2020 is from the song Knock Knock by the artist Broke For Free and is sourced from and used under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License from the Free Music Archive. Three cheers to the artist and FMA for this! The link to the song on FMA is here:

by Yash Sankrityayan - 16 episodes

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