Turn Your Followers Into Clients with Vanessa Lau

The Turn Your Followers Into Clients podcast is all about empowering today's content creator and online coach to do the damn thing and start monetizing their genius online. Ever wonder whether starting an online business is right for you? Imposter syndrome making you stop dead in your tracks? Interested in becoming a coach? Want to create content that *actually* gets you sales? The Turn Your Followers Into Clients podcast aims to cover all of that, and more. This podcast is hosted by Vanessa Lau, online marketer and business mentor. Within one year of starting her business and quitting her 9-5, she not only grew her social media following to over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 60,000 followers on Instagram, but she also grew her business to multiple 6-figures at the same time. Tune in each week as Vanessa shares tangible tips, advice, and mindset shifts to help YOU start and grow your online business so you can *finally* go beyond just posting pretty pics on social. It's time to press play. Your entrepreneurial journey starts NOW.

by Vanessa Lau - 36 episodes

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